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"Let food be your medicine"  - Hippocrates



Herbal Tea

Tea prepared leaves of a shrub, or small tree (Camellia Sinensis or Thea Chinensis).

Any herbal infusion made of the dried leaves of plants; green tea, black tea, herbal tea.

Most people know what tea is, but few know of its unique history. Like natural medicine and herbal remedies, tea is brought to us by the ancient world.

During that time, tea was used for natural cures as well as a savory drink.

According to written history, tea was discovered five thousand years ago in China by the Emperor Shen Nong.

The Emperor insisted that water always be boiled before drinking it. One day while this was being done some dried leaves fell into the boiling water and tea as we know it was born.

1 Alfalfa Tea
2 Black Tea
3 Catnip Tea
4 Chai Tea
5 Chamomile Tea
6 Chinese Tea
7 Chrysanthemum Tea
8 Cilantro Tea
9 Clove Tea
10 Dandelion Tea
11 Diet Tea
12 Echinacea Tea
13 Essiac Tea
14 Fennel Tea
15 Genmaicha Tea
16 Ginger Tea
17 Goldenseal Tea
18 Green Diet Tea
19 Green Tea
20 Gunpowder Tea
21 Herbal Tea
22 Hibiscus Tea
23 Holy Basil Tea
24 Immunity Tea
25 Jasmine Tea
26 Keishi Bukuryo Gan Tea
27 Kombucha Tea
28 Lavender Tea
29 Lemongrass Tea
30 Licorice Root Tea
31 Lingzhi Mushroom Tea
32 Matcha Green Tea
33 Mint Tea
34 Mistletoe Tea
35 Mullein Leaf Tea
36 Nettle Tea
37 Noni Tea
38 Oolong Tea
39 Osmanthus Tea
40 Panax Ginseng Tea
41 Parsley Tea
42 Passion Flower Tea
43 Peppermint Tea
44 Pomegranate Tea
45 Pu-erh Tea
46 Puerh Tea
47 Reishi Tea
48 Rooibos Tea
49 Sencha Tea
50 Silver Needle White Tea
51 Tea
52 Weightloss Tea
53 White Tea
54 Wulong Tea
55 Yerba Mate Tea
56 Young Ji Mushroom Tea

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