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Aloe Socotrina
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Wednesday, 14 April 2010 11:12

Aloe Socotrina / Aloe Soc

Formal Name: Aloe Socotrina

Also Known As: Aloe, Cape Aloe, Aloe Ferox Miller, Aloe Socotrina

You’ve probably used aloe in some form or another in your life.

Many of us have suffered through a sunburn or related skin issue and turned to the healing powers of the aloe plant. While this is just one of the many uses for the aloe plant, it is important to note that there are several different types and varieties of this plant.

Though not all varieties offer relief and healing to a bad sunburn; there are many other wonderful features to aloe in general.

When it comes to homeopathy, aloe plays an important role. It has been around for centuries as it was found to be effective for digestive complaints. The preparation for aloe as a homeopathic remedy is crucial and therefore it is always advised to buy homeopathic remedies from a reputable manufacturer or, if you are qualified, to make them yourselves.

The juice is extracted from the aloe plant and then dried to form a hard resin. This is then powdered and steeped in alcohol, and this mixture is left to macerate for at least five days. Then it is filtered and repeatedly diluted and succussed. There is therefore virtually no traces of the aloe plant, but what comes out is an excellent homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic Remedies using Aloe:

Benefits/Uses of Aloe:


This is the type of diarrhea that can wake you up out of a sound sleep because it’s so forceful. Along with the diarrhea, there may be some tremendous gas and unusual consistency and even mucus in the stool itself. There is often an alternating cycle of diarrhea and constipation which can be very frustrating to deal with. Aloe works as a homeopathic remedy on the diarrhea itself and on the other symptoms including the terrible feeling that goes along with this condition.


Most people who suffer from hepatitis can tell that there is something going on. This may show up as a sort of rumbling in the liver area or the insides. It can also manifest as a sort of heat or inflammation, congestion, or perhaps a full and heavy feeling. It’s clear that there is something amiss in this area of the body, and it’s usually felt between the pubic bone and the coccyx.


People who turn to aloe as a homeopathic remedy tend to have headaches that are severe and are associated with a sort of congestion in the face and head. The headaches may appear independently or could possibly be associated with some other type of health condition.


Aloe works as a homeopathic remedy to calm and soothe hemorrhoids that have formed within the rectum. These cause a great deal of pain, stress, and burning in the rectum and anus. They usually are associated with diarrhea or other digestive disorders. They may also form on their own as a result of trying to hard to push out the stool.

Homeopathic Remedy Profile for Aloe:

Individuals who do quite well with aloe as a homeopathic remedy tend to have a reluctance to work and they feel weary much of the time. These individuals seem to be quite irritable and are often angry and feel a void in terms of satisfaction within their lives. These people also commonly suffer from digestive disorders, and these are due in large part to their temperament.

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