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Allium Cepa
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Friday, 09 April 2010 11:43

Allium Cepa / Allium / All-c

Formal Name: Allium Cepa

Also Known As: Allium, Red Onion

The onion isn’t new to any of us as most use this common plant in cooking. It also happens to be a tried and true medicinal component that has been used for years.

It was even hung outside of homes centuries ago to ward off the plague. The potent smell of the onion, as well as the fact that it can conjure up tears and a runny nose are believed to have some healing powers in home remedies.

So when it comes to homeopathy, it’s really no surprise that the onion has evolved into an excellent homeopathic remedy that many people rely on.

Just as the onion causes healthy people’s eyes to tear and their nose to run, this reaction is believed to be quite helpful within homeopathy in general. Allium is looked to as a homeopathic remedy because at the core, there is believed to be some decongestant and diuretic properties, and it is believed to help get rid of infections. Allium can help with other ailments as well, but it is looked to primarily for the properties that it offers up. The entire mature bulb of the onion is pulled in the summer and then chopped up. This is then steeped in alcohol for ten days and then shaken repeatedly. Once this is complete, it is then filtered, diluted, and succussed. What remains is the homeopathic remedy that many turn to.

Homeopathic Remedies using Allium:

Benefits/Uses of Allium:


The is the type of catarrh that Allium is recommended for is the type that is watery, never ending, and that can burn the skin of the nose and even the upper lip over time. They become raw and painful with the excessive amount of catarrh. Allium is used as a homeopathic remedy to help control this catarrh and the constant sneezing that occurs as a result. This is common in colds, hay fever, the flu, and any other sort of irritation.

Eye Irritation:

This usually presents itself as a discharge that forces the individual to rub their eyes. The eyes often become red, and even swollen and itchy as a result of the irritation.

Neuralgic Pains:

Allium can work as a homeopathic remedy for the sharp types of pain that alternate on the different sides of the body. These pains can be in the face, head, neck, or chest. They may be attributed to an earache, a toothache, or just a simple headache.

Throat and Chest Infections:

This often begins with a painful infection in the throat and shows up as laryngitis with the associated hoarseness. There may be an urge to repress a cough constantly, and the symptoms may become worse after exposure to cold air. Allium can help to control the labored breathing when it settles into the chest, or may help to work as a homeopathic remedy to help the body rid itself of the infection altogether.

Homeopathic Remedy Profile for Allium:

Individuals who typically respond well to allium as a homeopathic remedy tend to have great anxiety, a fear of pain, and almost a dullness of the mind at times. An individual may feel melancholy occasionally, but may not always have any specific emotional symptoms associated with the melancholy. This is the type of remedy that may help a wide array of people because it offers assistance with a common condition such as a cold.

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