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Antimonium Crudum
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Tuesday, 13 April 2010 09:40

Antimonium Crud / Ant-c

Formal Name: Stibium Sulphuratum Nigrum / Antimonium Crudum

Also Known As: Antimonium Crud, Antimony, Black Sulfide of Antimony

The mineral antimony occurs naturally, and is usually found in a crystalline form. You may have never heard of it, but you may have used it in your everyday life. Years back it was used by women as a cosmetic.

It is also used on the tips of matches as it ignites when struck against red phosphorus. When it comes to the world of homeopathy however, antimony has a very different purpose.

This mineral was discovered centuries ago as an excellent homeopathic remedy when prepared properly.

Antimonium crud is a homeopathic remedy that can offer several benefits. The stibnite mineral is roasted and heated with carbon to extract the actual antimony that lies beneath. This is then triturated with lactose sugar and then diluted and succussed. The substance that forms and is left behind contains virtually no traces of antimony, however it works quite well as a homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic Remedies using Antimonium Crud:

Benefits/Uses of Antimonium Crud:

Skin and Nail Conditions:

These may show up in the form of calluses, warts, or corns that form on the hands, feet, finger or toe nails. They can be not only unsightly, but they can also begin to physically affect the skin. The skin may start to chap, thicken, and become rough and cracked.

Therefore turning to antimonium crud may work quite well as a homeopathic remedy for any of these issues to repair the area and restore it back to normal.

Skin Infections with a Rash:

There are a variety of reasons why a rash may develop on the skin and it can spread through several areas of the body. It may be in the trunk, the arms, the legs, or even in the mouth. These rashes can be attributed to chicken pox, eczema, hives, or other types that don’t follow a regular pattern.

Digestive Disorders:

Any sort of digestive upset can be difficult to deal with, and therefore seeking help from a homeopathic remedy such as antimonium crud can be quite helpful. This type of disorder usually includes indigestion, nausea, and vomiting. The abdomen tends to feel bloated and there are often ulcers that have formed in the stomach. A good indication that something is amiss with the digestive system is a thick white coating on the tongue.


There may be decaying teeth or an individual may have a toothache for no apparent reason. The pain is often persisted though and can commonly extend up to the head.


The joints that are affected become red and inflamed, and this occurs quite often in the big toe. The pain in these joints makes even walking difficult, and there may even be a fever associated with this condition. Antimonium crud works as a homeopathic remedy to assist the body in alleviating symptoms and haling the disease itself.

Homeopathic Remedy Profile for Antimonium Crud:

Those who benefit the most from antimonium crud tend to be very sentimental in nature, and often yearn for the past. They may be withdrawn at times and may feel irritable towards others. They are prone to experiencing grief and become very depressed after a failed romance. They may go through times where they don’t even like being touched by others, and this can lead to difficulty in interacting with those close to them.

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