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Nutritional Supplement
Supplements - Nutritional
Tuesday, 23 June 2009 09:24

Nutritional Supplement

When most people think of supplements, vitamins and minerals come to mind.

However, there are a variety of herbal supplements that can also be quite useful for people to consider.

Herbal supplements are commonly found in a number of different ways.

They can be purchased, for example, in tablet or powdered form.

In some cases, they may come as essential oils or they might be sold as dried leaves to use in the brewing of teas or the creation of poultices.

Many supplements have been clinically proven to help boost health, prevent conditions and treat them.

A nutritional supplement is often preferred by people who prefer to seek out simple home remedies for illness and ailments rather than use harsh chemicals or invasive medical procedures.

Before taking supplements to treat a disorder it is important to obtain a true diagnosis and check for interactions with other supplements and/or medications that you may be taking.

Home Remedies That Call for Supplements:

Herbal supplements are frequently used as home remedies for a variety of different conditions.

Some of the natural cure options found on the herbal front include:


The alfalfa plant is an important natural cure that can be used for such conditions as arthritis and the detoxification of the body.

Bee Pollen:

To get rid of problems related to allergies and other conditions like hay fever, bee pollen supplements are often suggested.

Bee pollen is also considered energy food and is sometimes eaten in raw or near-raw form.

Black Walnut:

Supplements that contain black walnut can be useful for treating such conditions as diarrhea, rashes, ringworm and tape worm.

This home remedy can often be found in extract form.


When a supplement contains marigold, it can help answer the question of how to remove the symptoms of such conditions as ulcers, cramps, toothaches and skin problems.

Cayenne Pepper:

This is a natural cure that is used to treat such things as fever and bleeding.

Cayenne pepper may be included in supplements or used in its standard kitchen form.


Often found in tea form, chamomile is an important supplement for treating such conditions as nervousness, muscle pain and insomnia.


The ginkgo herb has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.

Studies have supported its use as a home remedy for the treatment of such concerns as dementia, pain in the legs, memory improvement and more.

St. John’s Wort:

This natural cure is commonly found in supplement form.

St. John's Wort has been shown to help treat a variety of conditions including depressive disorder, nerve pain, anxiety and dermatitis.

St. John's Wort is also used to treat the symptoms of insomnia.

Eating a good diet is important to live a healthy life.

Taking a nutritional supplement along with eating right is important to maintain the healthy lifestyle you are looking for.

Some supplements may not interact well with some medications.

If you have any questions about the supplements you want to incorporate into your diet, ask a professional prior to use.

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