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"Let food be your medicine"  - Hippocrates

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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 11:01

The Healing Power of Natural Medicine

Nature has its own healing power just waiting to be discovered by people who want a better way to treat diseases and heal injuries.

Natural medicine helps the body to heal itself without harmful chemicals and synthetic drugs.

With all the stress and tension people face each day many find it hard to be healthy, happy, and enjoy life.

With natural medicines you treat the symptoms or the illness naturally, instead of adding chemicals and other foreign products to your body that can cause other serious problems.

Many use herbal remedies to help improve their mood and to reduce the signs of depression without the harmful side effects that can be found in prescription drugs.

Exploring Natural Cures:

Before getting into some examples of how a natural cure can work for you, consider the options you have.

If you could use the minerals, vitamins and essential oils found within your food to heal ailments, would you do so?

You may not know that tea is more than just a drink or juice. It is also a helpful home remedy for a variety of ailments.

As an herbal remedy, (tea is an herb) it can be used to treat the common cold, sooth aching muscles when the essential oil is applied topically, and it can be used as a nutritional supplement to help people lose weight.

Let's explore more of how every day foods and natural elements can be used as natural home remedies.

Examples of Natural Medicines:

There are a lot of natural medicines available for most any condition you encounter. Below is listed a few to give you an idea of just how effective natural medicines can be.

  • Cranberry – Cranberry can help to prevent bacteria from collecting and spreading throughout the urinary track, helping to prevent infection.
  • Alfalfa – Alfalfa is extremely high in nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, carotene and potassium. This natural medicine helps to nourish the digestive system and is famous for having excellent cleansing qualities.
  • Bissy Nut – Bissy Nut can help to reduce inflammation caused by diseases such as gout or arthritis.
  • Catnip – Catnip is a remarkable natural medicine that can relax your nervous system, nourish the stomach and relieve flu like symptoms.

Benefits of Natural Medicines:

Natural medicines are much better for you than man made drugs. Many of the herbal medicine options have the same active molecules that can be found in man made drugs.

The difference is natural remedies are not produced synthetically from a factory. Instead these molecules are produced naturally from the plant the medicine was retrieved from.

Our society today is focusing more and more on eating right and exercising to stay fit. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to having a healthy lifestyle, yet another reason to use natural medicines.

The correct amount of fiber can help reduce your weight and help you maintain it. Fiber can also aid in digestion and can help keep your heart functioning properly.

Herbal remedies can be used in various forms. For example, the essential oils from plants can be used to treat skin irritations. Essential oils can also be used to make healthy juices for a tasty drink.

Some herbal products can be used in aromatherapy, to be taken into the body in one of the most natural and healing ways possible.

Another reason to use natural medicines is the fact they are so affordable and easy to find. Many of them can be bought from your local grocery store. Others can be purchased from herbal and health stores.

Make your life a healthier one and join the millions that have improved their life through the use of natural medicines.

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