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Thursday, 01 July 2010 11:49

Ipecacuanha / Ipecac / Ip

Formal Name: Cephaelis Ipecacuanha

Also Known As: Ipecac, Ipecacuanha

Ipecacuanha was a plant discovered years back but quickly became known as the plant that made people sick.

In high doses it can cause vomiting and even cardiac failure. It has however, through the years, become accepted as a remedy that can loosen up phlegm or induce vomiting when necessary.

It was discovered within the world of homeopathy years back for some of these very properties; and has continued to evolve ever since.

As with any homeopathic remedy, preparation is key; but it is especially true in this instance. Without careful preparation a person can become quite ill, and that’s why in homeopathy you will find virtually no traces of the actual plan in the remedy known as ipecac.

It is prepared by digging up the root of the plant and taking the firmest dark rootlets and drying them. This is powdered and macerated in alcohol. From there the solution is filtered, diluted, and succussed. What remains is the homeopathic remedy known as ipecac and it is quite helpful.

Homeopathic Remedies using Ipecac:

Benefits/Uses of Ipecac:

Nausea and Vomiting:

Ipecac is used when there is a type of nausea experienced for which vomiting does not bring about relief. This homeopathic remedy can help with a bloated feeling in the abdomen as well and when there is excessive belching and gas present. There may be diarrhea associated with the condition, and it seems nearly impossible to digest food for the sufferer.


This type of migraine headache usually encompasses the entire head and can even bring about nausea and vomiting as a result of the pain. The pain can move into the face and the teeth and leave the person feeling exhausted.

Coughs and Wheezing:

Ipecac can assist with a cough that is dry and irritating in nature. This homeopathic remedy can be particularly helpful if there is a wheezy type of breathing and if there is a necessity to get help in bringing up phlegm. There may even be other symptoms associated with this type of cough such as gagging, nosebleeds, and even vomiting in extreme cases.

Gynecological Problems:

Gynecological problems that include: extremely heavy menstrual flow that may even bring about nausea, vomiting, and fainting. There may be spotting between periods that suddenly turn into gushing. In pregnancy, there may be help gained by using ipecac for morning sickness or unwanted bleeding.

Homeopathic Remedy Profile for Ipecac:

Ipecac typically works well as a homeopathic remedy for those who are irritable in nature. These people may be very difficult to deal with, particularly when they are sick. They may seem demanding and may even become depressed when they feel ill. They are often impatient and have a difficult time in dealing with the people around them at times.

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