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Healthy Drinks - Tea
Thursday, 12 February 2009 15:34

Herbal Remedies with Tea

Most people know what tea is, but few know of its unique history. Like natural medicine and herbal remedies, tea is brought to us by the ancient world.

During that time, tea was used for natural cures as well as a savory drink. Look at a bit of its unique history.

According to written history, tea was discovered five thousand years ago in China. It was actually discovered accidentally by the Emperor Shen Nong.

The Emperor insisted that water always be boiled before drinking it. One day while this was being done some dried leaves fell into the boiling water and tea as we know it was born.

In 1670, the English colonists discovered tea and built a whole culture around the beverage. Twenty years later it became available for sale to the public.

In 1904, tea was brought to America and today it is the second most popular beverage available, second only to water.

One thing that has made tea so popular is the fact that throughout history people have learned that it can have some wonderful healing powers. This is why tea is used in so many home remedies.

The Healing Power of Tea

It has been found that tea may be good for your heart. Scientists determined that both moderate and high consumption of tea is linked to a 45% percent reduction of heart disease.

The fact is vitamins and minerals are often able to work as natural home remedies, allowing individuals to avoid using chemical based medications.

Did you know that tea can be used as herbal medicine? Many people thought its only purpose was to provide a refreshing beverage. However, it can be used for a number of different ailments.

One of the great things about tea is the fact it tastes great and it can really help to improve your health at the same time.

Studies that have recently been done prove that green tea has many natural healing abilities. It can be used as an anti-inflammatory drug, to lower cholesterol and to help manage your weight. It can be used in aromatherapy to soothe stress and anxiety. It can also be used like essential oils for topical care of many injuries.

Benefits of Tea

If you are looking for home remedies that can help soothe a cold, then try some of these teas:

Ginger Tea:

Drink three cups a day and it works like a healing juice. Sip on the tea instead of drinking it fast. The herbs of this delicious tea can be absorbed much faster into the blood stream if you swish it around in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.

More options would be to try:

Cold Herbal Tea:

This can reduce the aches and pains that you feel when you have a cold. It can also help to control a fever, relieve congestion and inflammation.

Chamomile Tea:

This can be used as an antihistamine. It is recommended that you sweeten it with honey and drink at least two cups a day. As an herbal remedy, it tastes much better (and works far better) than medications!

Peppermint Tea:

Peppermint tea is great for relieving congestion and helping with sinus problems. It can aid in suppressing coughs and help you to feel better.

Using tea as a home remedy for these and other common ailments is a great way to stay healthy naturally.

Uses Of Tea

Tea can be used in various forms. Use the essential oils from tea leaves as a topical substance, or add the extracts of essential oils to prepared drinks. This allows you to take in the nutrients and healing powers of tea without having to drink gallons of it.

The nutrients in tea can also be found in nutritional supplements. In particular, you will find a wide range of green tea supplements on the market. These have been claimed to be a natural cure for a variety of ailments, including helping with weight loss.

Tea, brought to us by the ancient world has become far more than just a tasty drink. It is also an easy to use herbal remedy for many ailments.

The next time you are feeling under the weather, purchase all natural herbal teas instead of that costly medication.

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