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Tuesday, 05 May 2009 10:15


Also known as: Pulegium, European pennyroyal and pudding grass.

Pennyroyal Essential Oil:

Pennyroyal oil is extracted via steam distillation, from Mentha Pulegium of the Lamiaceae (Labiatae) family. Pennyroyal is a perennial herb, from which the essential oil is extracted, via steam distillation. 

It is an herbal remedy that dates back to ancient history.  It was used to cleanse the blood, prevent menstrual disorders, and break fevers.

Benefits of Pennyroyal Essential Oil:

The essential oil of pennyroyal should, under no circumstances, ever be ingested, even in small amounts.  Pennyroyal is a fatal poison that causes rank organ failure, for which there is no antidote. 

Even used topically, pennyroyal should be very diluted.  If not properly diluted, it may cause severe skin irritation.

The herbal form of fresh pennyroyal can be made into an oil infusion. 

Simply soak the herb in a carrier oil and it can be used externally. It may be rubbed into feet, the abdomen, and uterine points on your Achilles tendon.  A massage of this sort can encourage uterine contractions.  This infusion isn’t as concentrated as the essential oil, won’t irritate skin and may be used without dilution, but should never be taken internally.

Pennyroyal tea, made with an infusion of pennyroyal leaves is considered safe, within its own confines, but even small amounts of pennyroyal essential oil are extremely toxic, and should never be consumed.

Side Effects of Pennyroyal Essential Oil:

If consumed, even in minute amounts, it can cause irreparable, acute liver and lung damage. 

Pennyroyal oil should not be used in aromatherapy and even in small doses produces acute liver damage; that is irreversible, lung and kidney damage.  If this essential oil is consumed, it can result in death.

Pennyroyal oil contains pulegone, which causes miscarriage in pregnant women.  It should be completely avoided if you are pregnant or even suspect that you might be pregnant.

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